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 Mild Asthma Symptoms

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Mild Asthma Symptoms   Сря Авг 17, 2011 12:54 am

Asthma is a chronic lung infection where the airways constantly inflames, narrows, tightens, or are filled with mucus. Have you ever noticed coughing or wheezing that is persistent and keeps coming back despite cough treatment? It could be early signs of asthma. An asthmatic (even when you have not yet been diagnosed) becomes very sensitive to various types of irritants present in the environment, when these irritants enter the airways, the bronchi produces more mucus, trapping the irritant, and constantly inflaming the airways. The importance of diagnosing and treating asthma on time with corrective measures cannot be stressed upon enough. So when your body sends out signals in the form of mild asthma symptoms, listen carefully and check whether any of those signs match up to the ones listed below.

Symptoms of Mild Asthma
Mild asthma symptoms in children or are alike, except in most cases children, especially young ones cannot describe what they feel. Hence, the parent is sometimes quite bewildered about their coughs and wheezing and tend to pass it as a 'season change problem'. The common symptoms of asthma include coughing and wheezing especially at night, shortness of breath and/or a feeling of tightness in the chest. But these are more or less signs that belong to asthma that has slightly advanced. These symptoms should not be confused with COPD which also displays similar symptoms.

To catch mild asthma symptoms early on, keep an eye for signs and symptoms that get triggered by allergies, like continuous sneezing, a runny nose or nasal congestion, sore throat, fever, etc. Chronic coughing especially in the night adds to the problems of sleep trouble and fatigue and tiredness. Not all young children with asthma will show signs of wheezing. Loss or shortness of breath, especially while performing a physical activity, or even talking. A change in the speed of the lung function, this is mostly detected by the doctor. Read more on asthma and asthma in children.

Asthma Treatment
Asthma treatment depends upon the severity of the inflammation and its persistence to inflame. As it is difficult to ascertain which irritant could trigger a bout of asthmatic cough and shortness of breath, it is important to ensure that medical treatment is always at hand. Asthma medicines aim at reducing swelling and mucus production in the airways, and relieve asthma symptoms by relaxing the narrowed inner lining muscle bands around the airways. Steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, and bronchodilators are some of the medication prescribed to an asthmatic person.

Asthma Inhalers and nebulizers are the most common, effective and quickest way to ensure medication to your lungs. Inhalers are more popular than a nebulizer as they are small and can be carried everywhere. A nebulizer on the other hand is a mask with a breathing machine that changes liquid asthma medication to mist, facilitating easy inhalation for the lungs. Read more on how does a nebulizer work.

It is imperative to recognize mild asthma symptoms as they are a warning sent out by the body seeking treatment. If not treated on time, mild asthma symptoms in or children will worsen quickly, hampering daily activities and sleep patterns. Untreated asthma can prove to be fatal, protect yourself and your family from this lung infection.
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Mild Asthma Symptoms
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